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4:12 p.m. - 2006-08-09
Crocs must die.
Please someone, anyone, PLEASE agree with me that Crocs are the ugliest, most horrible shoes ever?? May I also mention that men who wear them are just screaming "YES, I'm gay!! SUPER! Thanks for asking."!! (Ten points if you can tell me what movie) Really, someone decided their rain shoes were a bit too hot and instead of taking them off, decided to punch holes in them. Certainly this is quite effective for a rain shoe. Holes are always nice.

Might I also mention that the parents who put these horrible shoes on their children are only setting their children up for Plantars Faciitus later on in life? If you don't know what that is, let me tell you it is the MOST horrible foot/heel pain EVER and it NEVER goes away! One of the causes just happens to be poor support in shoes. Certainly a floppy wannabe rainshoe it top notch when it comes to tiny developing feet*.

So children, thank your parents for putting you in the dumbest/ugliest/most horrible shoes known to man and welcome your future feet problems. Men, continue wearing them, and I will make fun of you and your manhood (Read: You sold your nuts for those shoes). Ladies, they make your feet look HUGE, like you are wearing BOATS.

*Don't think I left the flip-flop wearers out on this one.


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